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Colour Concrete

Is flexible & easy to gel with any creative ideas & concepts. It incorporates excellent quality UV resistant pigments sourced from reputed manufacturers, which aid in retaining the true colour /shades for a long duration. To supplement this benefit, various textures can also be integrated on the concrete surface when laid as a ground slab. Normal concrete made with grey cement cannot provide the liberty to architects to explore their vision and bring variety in the treatment of various elements of a building.


  • Aesthetic, rich & multicolored designs.

  • Infinite options can be explored by the Architects as per their vision and imagination.

  • Easily available and low on maintenance costs.

  • Smart colour options with durable surface.

  • Easy & fast installation.


  • Pathways for buildings such as malls, IT parks, hotels, hospitals, factories, etc. Concrete floorings for parking areas, basements, etc. Artistic precast panels and products. Walkways in entertainment parks and gardens