Construction In Gujarat - Answering The Then & Now Of It

Nov 26 2022

Construction In Gujarat - Answering The Then & Now Of It

India has had a strong demand for infrastructure over the past ten years. Luxury and comfort have been given top priority while building quality have been absolutely uncompromising. People appear to be able to afford it in a booming economy like ours.  Don’t worry the claim we made does have prominent & supporting evidence that shows the evident growth of infrastructure in Gujarat from then to now. 

The construction industry has advanced significantly with the addition of majestic metro trains, townships, malls, multiplexes, IT, SEZ parks, and flyovers with intricate architectural designs. Compared to other metro cities in the nation, Gujarat unquestionably has a stronger infrastructure for residential development and public construction projects like roadways.

Gujarat is the first state in the nation to create a legislative framework for PPP in the infrastructure sector, the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB).
Gujarat Infrastructure Development (GID) Act 1999, which was passed shortly after the GIDB was established in 1995, gave it legal stature.


The Road Runner of construction

Gujarat is now the State leading the way in infrastructure development and privatization. Numerous ports, highways, trains, and hydroelectric projects have been created with private participation. The Dholera Special Investment Region, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Dahej Petrochemical & Petroleum Investment Region (PCPIR), Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad metro rail line, other bus & rail-based urban transit projects, and  Gujarat Finance and Technology City (GIFT City) are some accolades of Gujarat’s constructional excellence. 
It is estimated that India's construction market is currently worth a staggering $660 billion of which Gujarat is among the top 5 contributors. 

The transition into a West Indian Tiger

The goal is to draw attention to Gujarat's infrastructure development. While putting a focus on enhancing the state's interconnectedness by enacting action plans that will provide results and promote future economic growth.

The state underwent a significant shift as a result of the effort to create a robust public infrastructure. We are continuing this heritage of economic development now. Here’s where we stand today. 


  • Recognizing the crucial role that transportation plays in economic growth, nine high-speed routes are being widened and strengthened. the 2,488 crore building of roadways totaling over 3,710 km. This initiative shortened commute times and established a robust road network linking the state's many regions.


  • Substantial growth has been witnessed in the construction of architectural infrastructure from high-rise buildings to state-of-the-art airports. More than 14,000 villages will witness the infrastructure development whilst, 158 towns are currently under the developmental radar. 


  • The accumulative efforts of private construction & government development initiative have given rise to technology in construction.  From using 3-D AR modeling to Earthquake resistant construction, various construction management software programs are wholeheartedly welcomed by the construction industry. 

An approach for a better tomorrow - Things we need to keep an eye out for

The development that was a dream once has now reached up to 75% of the population of the state of Gujarat. 
Gujarat has developed outstanding structuring and implementation skills. But the infrastructure blueprint of the Indian construction sector struggles with capacity issues, a shortage of qualified labor, and management capabilities, resulting in performance that is much below that of the global average. 

Even while there are islands of greatness amid a sea of mediocrity, our organizations must modernize, invest heavily in their employees' training, increase their turnover, and adopt a new mentality in order to compete globally.  Particularly in the aftermath of the current economic growth.

Let’s sum up

Hindustan Infrastructure Solution has been associated with the development of Gujarat for almost 11 years & counting. We have recently been part of the Ahmedabad Metro-rail development. And the experience of all these years has taught us one thing. 

Even though we have adopted the best constructional standards the implementation is more and more important. At the same time, to preserve their position in the face of fierce global competition pounding on their doors, construction businesses need to increase their efficiency and competitiveness, as well as optimize project costs.