List Of Tools We Love For Construction Safety (And You Should, Too!)

Aug 12 2022

List Of Tools We Love For Construction Safety (And You Should, Too!)

In whatever line of work, safety is of the highest importance. Especially in the construction industry, where employees and workers deal with hardcore-heavy duty equipment and operate on complicated building sites. 
At the same time, Can you imagine a commercial building project that was accomplished without the use of hand or power tools? Perhaps it's our familiarity with them or the fact that they're such a prevalent sight on construction sites, but hand tool and power tool safety is sometimes underestimated. 

Hence, Construction safety is a disciplinary procedure that must be enforced on the job site. These safety protocols are to be implemented by a qualified safety engineer/manager on the site. Such as,

● Workers should be educated on the need of wearing “personal protective equipment” on a regular basis. 
● Hazardous risk assessment on the job site. 
● At the construction site, numerous safety-related signs are displayed on an everyday basis. 
● Methods for storing materials safely on-site. 

Well, before we move on to the list of safety tools, here are a few quick and simple recommendations for working safely on a construction site. 
Tips on working simply & safely on a construction site.
● Maintain your distance 
When using hand and power tools, make sure you have adequate space to work properly without interfering with other items or coworkers. If you're working at a height, ensure sure no one is working underneath you in case you drop a tool. 
● Maintain a neat workstation 
When working with hand and power equipment, a cluttered floor might lead to unintentional accidents or falls. When working with electric power tools, avoid operating in damp situations. 
● Training 
Make certain that you and your personnel are well-versed in the correct usage of construction equipment. Employees should understand how to utilize the tools they will be using on the job safely.

List of tools and equipment for construction safety. Be safe, work smart! 
We know that workers & personnel are the most important asset of any company. In this segment, we are going to talk about PPE (Personal Protective Equipments). These tools are of utmost importance for the construction safety of workers. 

1. Helmet/ Hard Hat 
Let us start from the top, the head. Hard hats or helmets help to prevent deadly head injuries and protect the head from strong sunshine, rain, and dust. High-density polyethylene or polyetherimide is used to make hard hats. 
They should be worn appropriately by adjusting the helmet strap to fit the face and in accordance with the standard color code. Check recognized national standard items before using them as well. ISI (India), BSI (United Kingdom), and ANSI (In the USA). 

2. Safety Shoes
According to statistics, the majority of accidents occur as a result of sliding or tripping over sharp things such as nails, shattered glasses, or steel, thus it should be our first responsibility to safeguard our feet by wearing safety shoes. Wear shoes with a steel toe guard at all times. 

3. Safety harness/safety belts 
Workers should use a safety harness or belt when working on elevated platforms that are higher than 6 feet (1.83 m). To protect the body in the event of a fall, the belt should be correctly anchored with the fall arrestor. 

4. Safety masks 
Because the construction site is full of dirt, dust, and pollutant gases released by vehicles and other machinery, every worker should wear a safety mask to avoid inhaling dangerous gases and dust. 

5. Hearing Protection or Ear Plugs 
Construction workers are frequently exposed to higher frequencies of noise and have had significant hearing impairments; thus, it is critical to use noise cancellation ear muffs or earphones, particularly when performing dismantling or breaking activities. Earbuds should only be used when participating in a specific activity and should not be worn when strolling around the construction site. 

6. Reflective Vest/jacket 
Construction work requires a huge number of personnel, especially on major projects, beginning with laborers, engineers, machine operators, and so on. 
As a result, while hopping around or working on site, everyone should wear highly visible clothing or some upper body clothing, such as reflective jackets, particularly during the night shift or during highway improvements. It will aid in the detection of employees from a distance and at heights. 
Reflective jackets are categorized by color code; engineers and management wear green jackets, whereas laborers wear orange jackets. 

7. Safety Glasses
The eyes are the most crucial organ of a human being, and it is critical to protect them by wearing safety goggles on a building site, particularly when doing operations like as hammering, nailing, cutting, and grinding. They may also be worn in general to protect your eyes from dust. Also, make sure that the glasses worn allow for clear vision. 
Prioritizing safety above all! 

Before beginning construction activities, a trained safety officer/engineer should do an analysis. Because each construction project is different and unique, the list may vary depending on the requirements. 
The safety equipment listed above does not cover every area of construction safety, risk assessment, and safety. 
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