Tips to buy the best quality ready mix concrete

Mar 04 2022

Tips to buy the best quality ready mix concrete

When it is about enhancing the art of construction, ready mix concrete is the first choice. The special qualities of ready-mix concrete set it apart from conventional concrete. That is why Hindustan, Ahmedabad’s best construction company’s tips to buy the best quality ready-mix concrete. Ready-mix concrete is a combination of various procedures. These procedures include the products, measurements, mixing, transportation, and implications. Therefore, when it is about ready-mix concrete, it is not only about the product but also the entire process, and being the best RMC plant in Ahmedabad, Hindustan takes care of it.

The question arises: What makes the ready-mix concrete so special? Read the blog “Ahmedabad’s best construction company’s tips to buy the best quality ready-mix concrete” from Hindustan. and choose the best.  Unlike conventional concrete or site mixed concrete, ready-mix concrete is prepared in the plant itself. As the entire process is machine-based, the chances of human errors are almost eliminated. We, as the best RMC plant in Ahmedabad, complete the entire process efficiently.  Ready-mix concrete is mixed in the following processes: -

Transit mix: - In this process, the concrete is mixed at a low speed in the mixing truck while being transported to the construction, and once it reaches the construction site, it is finally mixed at a higher speed.
The purpose behind this process is to eliminate the premature drying of concrete. So that when it arrives at the construction site, it can be used instantly.
Shrink-mix concrete: In this process, the concrete is first mixed in the plant and then after reaching the construction site. More concrete is transported to the site in less time through this process.

What advantages does ready-mix concrete bring?

Learn about the advantages of Ahmedabad’s best RMC plant, Hindustan Infrastructure Solutions.

  • Ready-mix concrete eases the process of the entire construction project. Nowadays, the main concern about construction work is the lack of time and ready-mix concrete works on the same. As previously said, the entire preparation of the concrete is machine-based and unique which makes it time-efficient.
  • Ready-mix concrete is more durable than conventional concrete as the quality of the ingredients has gone through various testing procedures.
  • Environmental factors cannot be left out, especially when it is about construction work. Ready-mix concrete wins in this case as well. Environmental factors are specially taken care of in the making process.

Ahmedabad’s best construction company’s tips to buy the best quality ready-mix concrete show the facts as well. This is how Hindustan becomes the best RMC plant and construction company in Ahmedabad.

Ready-mix concrete is always a game-changer regardless of the construction type. But to get maximum results, one has to be conscious of certain things. This is the reason we are here. The durability or the entire performance of the construction piece depends on the quality of the ready-mix concrete. By concrete, we not only mean the concrete quality but also the quality of the construction process. Here are some steps for you to follow to avoid while purchasing ready-mix concrete and some steps to follow that will ease your concrete buying process and lead to a smooth construction.

Before buying ready-mix concrete, you need to keep certain things in mind, including knowledge about your construction type, place, and size of the project. These things are important because the type of ready-mix concrete varies from one kind of project to another. The ready-mix concrete suitable for basement construction would not be suitable for pathways construction. So, before buying ready mix concrete it is advisable to pen down the essential data related to your project as well as your supplier. It is always better to discuss the process with your supplier and clear your doubts; otherwise, you might not have your desired product and may face inconvenience.


Steps to follow for buying the right quality ready-mix concrete from Ahmedabad’s best RMC plant: -

The appropriate RMC design mix: -

Choosing the appropriate RMC mix is the most crucial part of your construction project. RMC is available in various grades, and the quality varies according to the grades, which affect the strength and workability of the construction piece. The grades are M10, M14, M25, M30, M35, M40. These grades define the compressive strength of the RMC or ready-mix concrete. So, always choose a RMC grade suitable for your project.

Meeting project requirements: -

You may have often heard that RMC or ready-mix concrete is expensive, but it can actually reduce the overall cost of your project. Ahmedabad’s best construction company’s tips to buy the best quality ready-mix concrete suggests, you just need to be specific about your project. Before thinking about the concrete type, you must have a clear idea of the project requirements. What kind of project it is? The distance of the site from the plant, and the work type are the information you need to give to the supplier. For example, if your construction project includes nonstructural work, then a M10 grade would be suitable; if it’s a pavement kerb, then a M15 grade would be appropriate. M20 grade RMC is ideal for domestic floors, and M35 grade RMC is widely used in commercial projects. It is always good to list your project requirements and discuss them with the supplier. The more you are clear about your project requirements, the most suitable RMC you can purchase.

Choosing the right manufacturer: -
Choosing the right manufacturer is the second important step of buying the best quality ready-mix concrete. You should avoid buying your required ready-mix concrete from any random RMC manufacturer company. It is always wise to research RMC manufacturer companies properly and then choose accordingly. A good RMC manufacturer must have some key qualities such as its own batching plant, damp proof, weatherproof storage space, transportation infrastructure, testing facilities, etc.
Always remember that the price of the RMC depends on various factors such as the type, amount, and transportation as well. So, it is better to make sure that your supplier provides you with all the services mentioned above.


Ensuring quality procurement: -

Control test methods should be applied to test the quality of RMC. When the quality of the RMC is adequately tested and delivered efficiently, it reduces the cost to a significant extent.

Additional Tips: -

Read the additional information from Ahmedabad’s best construction company’s tips to buy the best quality ready-mix concrete and stand out.
The ideal time of concrete placement is within 2 hours after loading at the batching plant; if the distance is further and can’t be placed within 2 hours, add mixtures to the concrete to regain the workability.
But it should also be kept in mind that some ad-mixtures contain chloride. Unless and until the chloride is in proper proportion with the mass of the admixture, it does not harm anything. But excessive use of chloride can cause corrosion of the metal reinforcement, which affects the project’s durability.


A few small, easy steps can ease your entire process of buying ready-mix concrete. You just have to gain detailed knowledge about your project and proper communication with suppliers, which leads to the selection of the right quality ready-mix concrete. Being the best RMC plant in Ahmedabad, Hindustan is here to provide all your infrastructure solutions.