Highly effective in intricate and complex shapes and sizes
Free from any segregation and honeycombing related defects
Rapid construction and lower manpower need due to superior surface finish
Higher degree of compaction leading to better impermeability & durability


Specially designed mix with super plasticizers and viscosity reducing agents for easy flow and self-compacting feature

Ability to flow and compact by its own weight without any external vibration and yet maintaining homogeneity

Do not allow Concrete to dry and cure it early at site as soon as possible.

Proper shuttering is necessary to support the dead load and the pressure exerted by the concrete.

Firmly supported and Erect Shuttering will avoid bulging and dislocation.

Water-tight Shuttering is must due to the liquid pressure of concrete.

Curing should follow the IS norms as per IS: 456-2000.

Prolonged curing is advised due to powder content in the concrete.
Where Heavy and congested reinforcement is needed.

Complex Architectural shapes and design of intricate nature.

Retaining walls, raft, footings and pile foundations.

Repair, restoration and renewal of RCC structures.

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