Concrete roads can be repaired in less than 24 hrs
It can double the number of daily rotations of formwork for walls, columns, slabs on grade and grade beams, allowing greater flexibility in construction schedules in relation to the rotation of formwork.
Opportunity to regain project time lost due to climatic conditions, breakdown etc.


A concrete made with randomly dispersed discrete discontinuous fibres.

Fibres arrest plastic shrinkage cracks of the concrete in the green stage.

Keep plastic covers handy while pouring concrete during the rainy season.

Try not to drop the concrete from a height of more than 1 meter.

Deshutter only as per recommended guidelines by your structural consultant/architect.

Ensure that there are no honeycombs or voids in the concrete especially near joints/corners or at the base.

All building terrace slabs to mitigate plastic shrinkage cracking.

Industrial warehouses, container yards, railway platforms etc.

Concrete roads, beams, and precast concrete girders which require additional flexural strength.

Slab on grade: All types of concrete pavements, industrial floors, airport taxiways, hangars, etc.

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