Used to insulate industrial boilers
Used in sandwich construction
Ideal for swimming pool bases
Pizza & Bakery Ovens can be insulated for safety & can get maximum output of fuel.


When tested, it achieves 4 hr. fire ratings to systems that employed vermiculite as one of the components.

Excellent insulating properties. 3 inches of Fire Resistant concrete is equivalent to 1 1/2" of rigid board insulation layer over steel decks. 1 inch of vermiculite concrete is equal in insulating value to 20 inches of regular concrete

When compared with structural grade concrete, it is 60% of the weight. This leads to considerable savings from the footings through the structural steel.

It can be applied over a variety of bases, allowing architects and engineers a lot of flexibility in their design criteria. The thickness can be varied to permit necessary slope to drain.

During summer consider an early morning or evening placement schedule to avoid a higher midday temperature.

Keep the entire concrete surface wet by covering with damp hessian cloth or a polythene sheet or jute cloth and keep it saturated with water throughout the curing period.
RRain water harvesting in housing societies

Play grounds, Nurseries and Gardens.

Swimming Pool bases

Sandwich Construction

Pizza And Bakery Ovens

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