Better surface finish
Avoids slump drop and therefore eliminates need for retempering at site
Faster construction and deshuttering time saves on labour cost
Allows easy flow of concrete, better pumpability and placement of concrete


Reduced honeycombing and Easy flowing

Reduced costs and Higher retention

Immediate curing ASAP.

During summer, consider an early morning or evening placement schedule to avoid the higher midday temperature.

Keep the entire concrete surface wet by covering with damp hessian cloth or a polythene sheet or jute cloth and keep it saturated with water throughout the curing period.

Use cords to tie the Polythene to columns. Exposed edges and corners should be well fixed down to avoid wind and escape of moisture.

Leaving the formwork in place for a longer time would help in avoiding evaporation of water from the concrete
Precast facilities: Beams, panels and specific elements.

Pavements and trafficked roads.

Concrete casting using Aluform systems.

Climbing and Gliding formwork systems.

PT Slabs

Machine Foundation.

Tunnels and Subways.

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