Equipment on Hire

Construction Equipment on Hire

We provide various of quality construction equipments on hire. Most of our equipments are top notch quality equipments built from reputed companies like Schwing Stetter. They are consistently used for us and well maintained to give optimal performance because of the value they carry for us. Renting equipment is a good idea compared to buying as it saves high initial purchase cost, freedom from storage and maintenance, no depreciation costs to be borne, transportation issue, space issue and no downtime costs as they are hired only for project durations.

Concrete Mixer (Transit Mixer - TM) on Hire

9 cu.m concrete carrying capacity. Built by Schwing Stetter. High loading volume and optimum drive characteristics. Wear resistant plates and Stetter T protection. More information here.

Stationary Pump on Hire

The epitome of concrete pumps, only choice to pump concrete to record breaking heights. Built by Schwing Stetter. Pumping at minized fuel cost with proven Open circuit and rugged ROCK valve system. Theoritical pumping of up to 116 cu.m/hr or Maximum concrete pressure of up to 243 bar. More information here.

RMC Plant on Hire (with or without manpower)

60 cu.m/hr plant with conveyor feeding option with Stetter Twin Shaft Mixer. Built by Schwing Stetter. Ideal for construction project like Road, bridge, canals etc. Inline silo for storage of aggregates. MCI 550 control system with SCADA software with numerous features. More information here.

Placing Boom on Hire

Placing booms provide a systematic method of concrete distribution. Built by Schwing Stetter. Octagonal tubular support mast with self climbing platform. Split boom option for faster and easier erection. 35 meter boom length reach. More information here.

Truck Mounted Boom Pump on Hire

Concrete pump mounted 4 axle truck with RZ fold placing boom. Built by Schwing Stetter. Up to 43 meter boom with curved super x outriggers in front. Up to 164 cu.m / hr long stroking with Big rock valve ensuring maximum filling efficiency. High volume pours in infrastructure work, commercial projects and bridges. More information here.

Wheel loader on Hire

1 -3 cu. mt. bucket carrying capacity. Built by Schwing Stetter. Strong and relaiable power train. Z – bar linkage for greater digging power. Up to 170 KN of bucket breakforce. More information here.

Tower Crane on Hire

Maximum lift of 16 Ton at 3.0 m radius. Built by Schwing Stetter. Up to 2 ton tip load. 35 meter free standing height to 80 meter Jib length. Trolley equipped with front and rear trolley mechanism. More information here.

Line Pump on Hire

Schwing line pump is a compact truck mounted pump. Built by Schwing Stetter. Deployment and set up time will be short. Optional pipe rack to carry up to 100 meters of pipelines. Water cleaning system also available to clean pipelines and other accessories. Rock valve with Fast switching System. More information available here.

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