Highly aesthetic rich designs in elevation in high end projects
Enhancing pleasing appearance of the structure
Requires less maintenance and highly durable
Highly aesthetic rich designs are possible for elevational treatment in high end projects


Added with high quality UV-resistant pigments.

Concrete retains the original shades for a long duration.

Even customized shades can be made available as per customer’s requirements.

Ideal for driveways, patios, walkways, swimming pool deck, car parks, industrial floors and exteriors like walls

Finish Concreting before final setting time.

Cleaning and washing with clean water at a regular interval is highly recommended.

Water used for curing has to be free from any contamination.

While finishing the concrete, strictly avoid use of grey cement or any other similar material.

For cleaning the coloured surfaces, use of acid and alkalis should be avoided.

Use a polythene sheet to avoid damage to the finished surface.
Pedestrian walkways, footpaths and cycle tracks.

Floorings for parking areas, basements, etc.

Artistic precast panels and products.

Civic monuments and surrounds.

PT Slabs

Commercial and domestic flooring.

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